Primary school tutors in Brentwood, Essex

Primary School Tuition in Brentwood, Essex

We provide private tutoring for primary school children in Brentwood covering English, maths and 11 plus subjects.

We tutor children in years 1 to 6 to help them gain confidence and make good progress in school.

Our tutors are highly experienced and can help children achieve different academic goals, whether that is catching up in school, getting ahead or preparing for SATs and 11 plus exams.

Primary school tuition for students who are struggling at school

If your child is behind in school or struggling to catch up, we help children to develop in confidence and ability. We use a unique method of tutoring, which ensures that past academic issues are addressed so that students can develop a sound knowledge and strong skills in core subjects.

We assess children to discover their strengths and weaknesses and create personalised learning plans, focusing on the most important element so that each child can improve quickly and have successful milestones.  Children learn new topics in English, maths and science and have lots of lessons in weak topics giving them revision and practice in the key topics they are struggling with.

Primary school tuition for high-achieving students

A large number of students seek extra tuition because they’re not being challenged enough in school or just want to be multiple steps ahead. Some children may even be preparing for highly competitive entrance exams such as the¬†7+, 8+, 10+ and 11+ exams.

Tutoring classes for primary school children

  • We tailor lessons to the National Curriculum
  • We offer private tutoring for key stage 1 and key stage 2 children who may need extra help or need challenging
  • We tutor children for entrance exams and SATs
  • Children are taught based on ability and not necessarily school year. High achieving year 6 students can move on to KS3 maths once they have completed their year 6 curriculum.
  • Our classes are taught by highly experienced tutors who are either fully qualified teachers or have other teaching qualifications
  • Our classes are small, with no more than eight children
  • We give homework every week and children have regular assessments and feedback.

Book your FREE assessment today!

Book a free assessment at our Brentwood tuition centre which will provide an insight into your child’s strength and weaknesses so you can decide whether private tuition is the right decision for your family.

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