Online tutoring at unbelievable prices

Shenfield Tutors | Homeschooling and online tutoring in the UK and EssexAre you’re a home-educated family looking for alternatives to tutoring¬†or a homeschooling curriculum to support the learning you do at home?

Through our partnership with My Own Tutor, we offer online tutoring for home learners and families that would like after school tuition from the comfort of their own homes.

Families will have access to a complete home study programme with lessons and exercises in maths and English as well as most other subjects taught from year 1 to GCSE level.

Your child will have access to lessons and tasks available 24/7 which can be completed at a comfortable pace with detailed feedback so you can see your child’s progress. We email reports to parents on a weekly basis so you can see how your child is getting on. ¬†Things like progress and areas for improvement are shown clearly using a traffic light system.

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