Free assessment in Maths, English and Science for school children

If you are considering private tuition for your primary or secondary school child, why not book a free assessment at our Brentwood tuition centre? Our free academic assessment is an opportunity to find out exactly which topics your child may need extra help with.

The assessment is completely free, takes about an hour and covers Maths, English and Science. It helps to give an accurate snapshot of where your child is right now academically. As well as being a good indication of your child’s ability, it also helps to identify what the next course of action is.

Stress-free and engaging

There is no need to worry.  The assessment is carried out by a qualified educator in a fun and relaxed way at our Brentwood tuition centre. When you arrive at the centre, you will be welcomed by our friendly and professional educators who will explain the process and help put your child (and you) at ease. Children will undergo a series of tests in Maths, English and Science (or Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning if they are preparing for the 11 plus grammar school) designed to reveal any learning gaps.

Assessment result

After the assessment, we will discuss the results with you and recommend the next steps. If the assessment discovers that your child is progressing as expected and there are no learning gaps, we will discuss ways to fast track your child’s learning to ensure they are always several steps ahead in school. For example, if they are in the top set and have covered the whole curriculum for their year group, we will start them on work in the next year group so they are working one school year ahead.

For children that have gaps and weaknesses, we will create a personalised learning plan to address these issues. High-achieving students will also receive a customised learning plan. Everyone receives a letter plan. The learning plan will form the core of your child’s learning and it will be continually referred to as we record improvements and tackle problem areas so your child is continually progressing and meeting all targets.

Book your free assessment today!