Private 11 plus tutors in Brentwood, Shenfield and surrounding areasThe 11 Plus maths and non-verbal reasoning course covers KS2 maths curriculum to an advanced level and introduces all the non-verbal reasoning topics needed to succeed.

The course is for year 4 or 5 students preparing for Essex grammar school exams.

We focus on the entire KS2 maths syllabus making sure there are no gaps in your child’s learning.

For non-verbal reasoning, we focus on every known topic that has featured in the CSSE and CEM 11 plus exams over the past years.

Non-verbal reasoning isn’t taught at school and may feel like a maze to some children who have never come across it before. We teach students to use their maths skills to solve visual problems and spot similarities in patterns, shapes and codes.

What do we combine maths with non-verbal reasoning for 11 plus students?

Non-verbal reasoning is basically solving problems without using words. Your child needs good maths knowledge to solve non-verbal reasoning questions so it makes sense to combine both.

Non-verbal reasoning involves questions that are based around pictures or diagrams and your child’s skills in maths topics like symmetry, direction or rotation will help your child to tackle these types of questions.

11 plus maths and non-verbal reasoning topics

Math topics include numbers and place value, addition and subtraction, fractions, decimals, measurement, data handling, shapes and space, problem-solving, percentages, units and measures, equations and algebra, function machines and ratio and proportion.

Non-verbal reasoning topics include 3d shapes, rotation and reflection, pairs, series and grids, similarities and differences, spotting patterns and multi-step operations.

What does the 11+ course include?

Lessons are weekly and involve face-to-face tutoring and access to online software so they can get plenty of practice in developing and consolidating key maths skills. Students will become familiar with all the different question types and be able to spot how shapes and diagrams are manipulated. Lessons include:

  • Small group tuition taught by fully qualified teachers or tutors with other teaching qualifications
  • Access to 11 plus software for further revision and practice
  • Exam preparation and techniques
  • 11 plus mock exams for exam practice
  • Great 11 plus tutoring at affordable prices.

How long is the 11+ course?

We run courses from one year from the beginning of year 5 although some students can start in year 4. Starting 11 plus tuition early can give your child the best possible chance of success.

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