English and verbal reasoning 11 plus tutoring

Private 11 plus tutors in Brentwood, Shenfield and surrounding areas

We offer English and verbal reasoning tutoring at our Brentwood tuition centre for students who would like to develop competency in these two subjects.

Our comprehensive course covers all the essential topics students need to pass the 11 plus English and verbal reasoning paper.

Why do we teach English with verbal reasoning?

We teach both subjects as one course because both are closely aligned. Verbal reasoning is a test of comprehension, logical thinking and vocabulary. It focuses on the student’s ability to understand written instructions and to solve word-based problems and work out letter sequences and number codes. Coincidentally, some verbal reasoning tests also include numerical problems.

To be successful in the English and verbal reasoning paper, students will need to have excellent vocabulary and spelling skills that go beyond what is expected of a primary school child. Good comprehension, spelling, decoding and creative writing skills are a must.

The English and verbal reasoning topics

  • English – spelling, punctuation, grammar, creative writing, comprehension and vocabulary
  • Verbal reasoning – deciphering codes, missing letters, odd words, opposite meanings, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, homophones.

We teach students all the verbal reasoning question types using face-to-face tuition, worksheets, past question papers and online software. We also teach students how to manage their time and we run mock test sessions to reinforce learning and improve accuracy and speed.

What does the 11+ course include?

  • Small group tuition taught by fully qualified teachers or tutors with other teaching qualifications
  • Students have access to our online home study programme for extra revision and practice
  • Exam preparation and techniques
  • We offer 11 plus mock exams to help students get exam practice
  • Affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

How long is the 11+ course?

We run 11 plus courses for 12 months from the beginning of year 5 although some students start early in year 4. We always recommend that parents book early to give their chance the best possible chance of success.

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