Private 11 plus tutors in Brentwood, Shenfield and surrounding areas

Entrance Exam Tuition - 11+ SATs, GCSEsAre you looking for professional 11 plus tuition in Brentwood?

We are private 11 plus tutors in Shenfield helping students in year 4 or year 5 to prepare for grammar school exams, independent school exams and other selective school exams.

Our 11 plus experts can help your child get ready for their exam and improve their knowledge of 11 plus topics as well as accuracy, speed and confidence.

Students sit the 11 plus exam at the beginning of year 6 and are expected to have covered maths and English curriculum content that is not taught till the end of year 6.

Additionally, the exam tests them for competency in two subjects that are not taught in some schools – verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Our 11+ course ensures that students have a strong understanding and consolidation of all the key skills required for exam success.

The 11+ course

Our 11+ course covers the four subjects of English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, split into two sessions which can be taken individually or combined.

Maths and non-verbal reasoning tuition

We offer two hours of tuition in maths and non-verbal reasoning:

  • In maths, we cover all the topics students need to know for the 11 plus exam and encourage students to think strategically and solve problems quickly and accurately. As the 11 plus maths exam covers curriculum content beyond the first term of year 6, we help students to progress at a comfortable pace so they are working at a higher level than school.
  • In non-verbal reasoning, we teach students to use their maths skills to solve visual problems and spot similarities in patterns, shapes and codes.

English and verbal reasoning tuition

We offer two hours of English and verbal reasoning 11 plus tuition:

  • In English, we focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar, composition and comprehension. Weekly lessons ensure students have a sound understanding and knowledge of the KS2 English curriculum.
  • In verbal reasoning, we encourage students to read often and to develop a wide vocabulary beyond what is expected for a year 6 child. The course helps children to prepare fully for the English and verbal reasoning element of the 11 plus exam, gradually introducing each skill with plenty of practice to ensure competency in each skill.

For both our 11 plus courses, we use a combined method of face-to-face tutoring and computer activities to help reinforce learning. We also give regular homework along with revision using past exam papers. We also set regular 11 plus practice exams so they can develop their speed and accuracy.

Who is the 11+ course for?

The 11 plus course is for year 4 or year 5 students who may be preparing for the ISEB common pre-test, 11+ grammar school exams or independent school entrance exams.

How many 11+ sessions does my child need?

General feedback from our students and parents is that a two-hour session is not enough time to teach four separate subjects especially if there are gaps in learning.

Our model ensures that children receive two hours in each course to help them develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve the best grades possible. It’s up to you how you choose to do this. You can combine both courses or book an individual course. We run courses on different days to ensure there are no clashes.

What does the 11+ course include?

  • Our classes are small with no more than eight children at a time
  • We run two-hour courses in either English and maths or verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Our lessons are run by fully qualified teachers or tutors with other teaching qualifications
  • We tailor our classes to the grammar school your child is applying to
  • Tuition is personalised for each child
  • Students have access to our online home study programme for extra revision and practice
  • We offer tips and techniques on how to prepare for exams
  • Our 11 plus mock exams are available to help students get exam practice
  • We can confidently say our affordable prices won’t break the bank.

How long is the 11+ course?

We run 11 plus courses for 12 months from the beginning of year 5 although some students start early in year 4. We always recommend that parents book early to give their chance the best possible chance of success.

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