Under license to My Own Tutor offering maths, English and science tutoring in Brentwood at unbeatable prices plus mentoring for confidence and aspirations

Private Tutors Brentwood

We are a tuition centre in Brentwood and Shenfield for ages five to 16 under license to My Own Tutor offering affordable private tuition sessions in maths, science and English including spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

Students come to us for different reasons. Whether they are underperforming in school, not being challenged enough or want to move up a set. Whatever it is, we offer a holistic approach to learning to help students uncover the root cause of the problem, create longterm goals to tackle them and achieve their best academically. 

We are more than a tuition centre and we don’t just focus on academics. We believe strongly in personal development and we also mentor KS3-KS4 students so they can overcome barriers to success, find purpose and raise aspirations.

Why choose us?

Personalised, holistic method

  • Our private tutoring classes are taught in small groups (max 8 kids) by fully qualified teachers (or tutors with other teaching qualifications) and are targeted to each child and includes access to a complete learning programme in most subjects taught in school designed by experts and tailored to the National Curriculum plus a freephone teacherline for homework support.
  • Our holistic method of teaching focuses on three key elements: the past, present and future which looks at what has happened up until now in the student’s education, what needs to happen now so the student can progress and where the student is going academically and how to get there.

Full transparency with reports

  • We produce weekly reports for parents that clearly identify gaps or weaknesses students may have and shows improvements. Our reports are fully transparent allowing parents to see the goals set for their child, what exactly their child is learning, the progress made as well as learning gaps being worked on.
  • Providing regular feedback to parents is important to help amend any tutoring as necessary, keep the students focused, celebrate their achievements and get parents involved in their children’s learning.
  • Peace of mind for parents knowing we monitor progress closely to identify and rectify any learning gaps.

Online tuition

  • We offer a complete home study programme for home educated students or families that would like after school tuition from the comfort of their own home.
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum, our home study programme offers exceptional value for money providing Maths and English lessons and exercises in other subjects taught at school from Year 1 to Year 11. It also includes a free teacher helpline where students can speak to DBS checked, fully qualified teachers to offer homework support, for example helping students tackle difficult questions.

How can we help you?